What are you doing with your hair?💇🏾

After seeing my hair a bit longer than usual,the most common question I’ve been getting is “Are you growing your hair out again?”

The answer is…No! My goal is a tapered Afro and it has been a real struggle to stay out of my barbers chair. I do go to get my hair tapered infrequently but I never cut any hair off the top. Of course I found my new hair goal on Pinterest. (I call it pinspiration, LOL)

I will definitely go really short again but I am not interested in growing my hair long again in the near future. Happy growing to all my naturalistas and any one growing their hair out! Enjoy!




My pinspiration 🙂




Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago




    1. Thanks for you comment! During this time I used shea moistures curling souflee and the m-sponge. Both were purchased and my local beauty supply. My regimen is really basic right now. I shampoo/condition once per week and use my shea moisture daily with the brush.


  1. Love that style on you. Very cute. I always go back and forth between long and short. I can’t ever stay still when it comes to my natural hair. lol


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