Journey to fitness 

Let me start by saying I’m completely ashamed that I HATE working out and I’m in terrible shape. 😕My shame comes from my husband (Mike) being a world class personal trainer at Equinox in the new River Oaks shopping district. Anyone that finds out automatically assumes that he’s training me and I have to let them down everytime. Lol I have such a valuable resource living in my house and I have not been using it.

The day before thanks giving I followed my sister’s lead to get back on my fitness journey. My sister surprised my family and I by coming to HTX for thanksgiving after being in Asia for the last month. Although she’s been in Thailand she has remained active.

When she got here she said she wanted to train with Mike and encouraged me to join them. I hesitantly agreed, only to later decide in my mind that it was time for me to take my fitness more seriously. I joined my sister, brother, future SIL, and cousin for a pre-thanksgiving workout. Having company definitely made it easier to get started. Today was the day, 11-25-25, the day before Thankging, the day I begin again. Join me in my renewed dedication to a more fit life. Enjoy!



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