Custom Made Minimalist Necklace

I can remember a time when my earrings were just as big as my natural hair. Both of those things have changed over the last year or two and I’ve since become very attracted to minimalist fashion including jewelry. I was looking for the perfect necklace for me which would have a thin chain,dainty charm, and maybe even an initial on it. I was having trouble finding what I wanted so I as a last resort I started looking on Etsy when I discovered the amazing shop of Stella Salvador. I love this necklace so much that I wear it EVERYDAY!  

 Check out where you can check out all the other custom possibilities.

I appreciate how she gathers her inspiration and she was able to create EXACTLY what I wanted. As part of me exploring the possibility of starting a capsule wardrobe using minimalist pieces I felt like I should start now with only buying things that I love. Although a capsule wardrobe doesn’t always include jewelry, I think it’s very important my success to stay in the right mental space with loving my purchases. Enjoy! 


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