Welcome to Authentically+B!
On Authentically+B you will find the confidence and drive to be authentically you. I will highlight DIY projects, health,wellness, beauty, and fashion from a whole new perspective. Being a part of Authentically+B will help you take things in your daily life from abstract and complex to super simple.

Hello, my name is Brandy. I’m a 29 year old mother, wife,elementary school teacher and life style blogger. I began Authentically+B for so many reasons. On the top of that list is helping others listen to the voice inside themselves. There are so many trends and standards that drown out our true inner wants and needs. Another reason being that my husband and I recently purchased a 1929 cottage that required a lot of TLC. While we did hire professionals for the big stuff, we also saved a ton of money by tackling many other projects ourselves. It was so much fun sharing transformations from our home. I then realized that there were so many projects I wanted to share from other areas of my life and now I have a place to do that! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do sharing.

I love hearing from readers, blog friends, and potential sponsors! Have a question? Have a suggestion? Want me to blog about something specific? Send me an email at AuthenticallyB@yahoo.com and I would love to connect with you!

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